The Human Face of Climate Change

There is no doubt that our earth is sick. Climate change has created a number of environmental problems which their impacts have aggravated among our society in recent years. The consequences of climate change had and continues to have a negative impact on all areas.

Climate change is the only major health threat facing humanity, and health professionals around the world are already responding to the health damage caused by this crisis by relying on climatic factors. How will such climate and environmental changes affect human health?

Per capita emissions have increased, and global population growth has further increased total emissions.

Many attempts have been made to prevent emissions. Unfortunately, decarbonization measures have not solved this problem.

If we want to find motivation to do something about climate change, we need to understand as much as possible what modern science allows, what it means for our lives today and for the lives of our children. We must turn health into the face of climate change.

We acted with the idea that the environment should be in line with our plans, but now the opposite has happened